Week End Getaway To Sunny Barcelona

It took me forever to write this article, not because I didn’t like the city, but because I felt like it was supposed to go a certain way. A travel post is supposed to be filled with places to go and to do lists. Well since having to work inside a box was slowly killing my creativity, I will just say whatever I want. It’s like the usual me, but it just always takes me time to be me. Sounds deep but not really. Anxiety is a common trait, I just romanticize it a little.

Aaanyway back to Barcelona. I decided to go on a whim, alone on the adventure for a little week end. When I talked to my girlfriend about it she was like I need to get my mind off things I’m coming along. So we arranged to meet at the airport and visit the city together for the first time. I always think about how people did before, when they wanted to meet somewhere and mobile phones weren’t a thing. A whole new level of panic attacks.

I don’t know what it is about the city that’s so warm and appealing, maybe the fact that it’s crowded and you hear people’s chatter everywhere. The fact that while waking towards our hotel we met with such beautiful sights that it didn’t feel like a walk to drop off our suitcases, and more like a stroll to discover the city. I kept stopping and taking pictures of everything I liked, I’m a person who’s annoying like that.

We stayed at Mihlton Barcelona, a hotel in Passeig de Gracia which was central so we did almost everything by foot.

Mihlton Barcelona Patio

We strolled down las ramblas and I absolutely fell in love with a little cafe (Casa Lola) that had a terrace in the first floor, big enough to fit two people at each window. People casually sitting everywhere, eating mostly because how you could ever not while in Barcelona, la dolce vita à la spanish.

We had dinner at Txpela, a tapas place that was so good we came back the next day. To a different one but still, when you switch Mcdonalds you’re still eating Mcdonalds.

What I do when I’m visiting a new city, it’s that I whip out Foursquare, which is my travel buddy. I always note some places that I’ve seen on Instagram and would like to visit, but I still check Foursquare to know what people think about it and how far it is from where I am. It’s how I discovered Brunch & Cake. We were strolling down Las Ramblas to go have breakfast and I was picking out breakfast joints until I saw the restaurant not very far from where we were. A-MA-ZING brunch. It’s vegetarian friendly and the food is just so pretty to look at.

The architecture in Barcelona is insanely beautiful; I’m amazed at every pretty building I see in my life to be honest, when you know drawing for me consists of sketching a stick figure with a smiley instead of a face, it’s obvious to say that I’m easily gawking  when seeing pretty things.

And lastly, after a beautiful stroll at the beach we had a feast at La Flauta, a tapas place our concierge at the hotel recommended. It was mouthwateringly good.

All in all, Barcelona; A+, can’t wait to come back.


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  • Zineb laroussi

    I love this city!! You describe it so well so I juste wanna be there right now

    avril 2, 2017 at 10:23
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