Top 5 Comedies To Cheer You Up

I’m a big fan of comedy, it’s my favorite thing to watch. One because who doesn’t like laughing, and second because I don’t do sadness well. I’m borderline depressed half of the time, so I leave Homeland & Co for people who can deal with reality because I personally can’t. I get overwhelmed and feel responsible for all things wrong in this world as it is, I don’t need to be reminded of the ugliness in a tv show, I’m here to relax and take a break. And so should everyone, so here’s a list of 5 tv shows that’ll make you smile and kick back for a moment (or lots of moments if you’re into marathoning and not having a social life or whatever).

1 – Modern Family


If you like goofy comedies with a lot of double act from pretty much every pair on the show. Claire and Phil who got married because she got accidentally pregnant in high school, ended up with three kids and a house and a perpetual look on her face that conveys ‘this is my life punishment’. Gloria who’s believed to have married Jay because of his money but as it turns out (plot twist!) it was his personality that attracted her; along with the money. And finally Mitch and Cam who are the perfect comic duo of the show, with Mitch being the straight man, pretty much always annoyed by what his husband does, and Cam being his eccentric joyous self, who doesn’t seem to care much about what others think of him. My favorite is Lily though (Cam and Mitch’s adopted daughter), I wanna be her when I grow up.

2 – Blackish


Just watch it because of Dre’s shoe game. That guy has every pair of sneaker there is, and that’s his persona, he wants to be cool. To have a cool job, be a cool dad, have a cool wife. And that’s what he got, but his main problem is that his kids don’t act black enough – his wife is mixed and comes from a « free spirited » family, so race isn’t her main concern – and he’s afraid they’re going to lost their heritage. His son Junior even wants to have a Bar Mitzvah because he’s thirteen and that’s a rite of passage from being a kid to being a man. Yeah, see his kind of issues ?

3 – New girl


Every character on this show is hilarious, I mean every single one of them. Nick and Schmidt’s antics are the heart of the show, while Jess is way more layered than the basic manic pixie dream girl some wanna give her (a term that honestly needs to be put to rest, a woman’s purpose in life is not to make the broody male lead happier). This week’s episode with Winston getting married as a prank had me hollering I think my ghost neighbors are gonna file a complaint (seriously I feel so alone in this building pls send help).

4 – The mindy project


A 100 ways to make fun of yourself : A guide by Mindy Kalling. Or at least that’s what I think Mindy had in mind while writing her show. I loved her when she was in The Office, and she succeeded to make an absolutely hilarious show of her own. A thirty something year old gynecologist who’s looking for love in New York, while being the most high in color character there is. I think she wrote the concept of the show based on how much humiliation a person can take before they say enough. Answer is never and that’s the true message of the show, be who you are no matter how much and how many people laugh at you. They’re gonna keep mocking and you’re gonna keep living. Also I want my own personal Morgan.

5 – Brooklyne Nine Nine


Pure comedy. It’s a mix of very dry and very grass, which is a combination that weirdly works. I was afraid that putting Andy Samberg as the lead of anything would lead to an awful amount of crude/rude jokes and yes there are some, but what’s most important is Gina’s pizzazz, Amy’s perfectionism, Rosa’s don’t-know-don’t-care, you got it : kickass ladies. And there should be slam mixtapes made out of the captain’s shakespearian monologues.

Of course this is not an exhaustive list, there are much more tv shows that make me laugh and wish there were more than 24 hours a day, but unfortunately I have responsibilities and stuff. Adult life, yayy.

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    For me the funnier is modern family without a doubt ! 🙂

    avril 23, 2016 at 10:09
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