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This is Halloween ???? 

Halloween being my obvious fave celebration of the year – getting a chance to decorate the house, have people over, carve pumpkins and over indulge on candies, what’s there not to like ? – I threw a party at my place and I had the funnest time shopping for decorations. When I was in college I threw two halloween parties so it’s not my first time at the rodeo, the ideas are all up in my head so I knew what I needed.

My husband and I were in Rome a month ago and while going to Campo de Fiori, we stumbled upon a Flying Tiger Copenhagen boutique. I used to shop there all the time in Porto; they only used to be called Tiger at the time, and it was one of my go-to places in Via Catarina. They’re kind of a dollar store where they sell everything from stationery to danish candies and food, home supplies, birthday and celebrations decorations and cheap electronics. They play a lot on design and packaging so it looks super cute and buyable, which is the whole point. Anyway we went in and found tons of Halloween decorations, and I instantly felt compelled to host a party. I asked my husband who was on board (as he always is with my ideas thank god for him), and we bought everything on the spot. Cups, plates, pumpkin lights, little skulls, eyeballs, popcorn cups.. for a really good price. And when I went to Paris a few days after I completed the shopping at the Flying Tiger in Créteil Soleil, and found little skull string lights at the Primarket corner in Primark.

I was all set for the decor, except for my beloved little pumpkins. It’s hard to find the big orange ones at your local markets; you usually find green ones for the most part. So I went to the Derb Ghallef fruit & veggies market in Casablanca where I knew I’d find the little pumpkins they sell for soup (that’s what you gotta ask for if you’re planning to buy some ????). I bought the two remaining ones and went on to buy hay from a place that sells animal food in Bourgogne (quite the adventure that day). I borrowed the Knagglig Ikea wooden box from my office, filled it with hay; which is a super messy process so better do it on your sink, and put my little carved pumpkins on top of it. Light two candles, pop them inside and voilà, the Halloween spirit is in your house.


this is halloween

My friend and I were planning to make some Halloween themed food we were looking for on Pinterest, but we eventually got grossed out and sworn off food for an hour before mentioning it again. You can’t fight food that’s a lost battle. So after settling for regular stuff, I decided to make a cheese platter and add some pesto gouda for the green and little eyeballs scattered around it. Repulsive but to an extent.

I used the popcorn cups for chips, and made some raspberry jam for the bloody effect. Besides that people brought pizza, mini quiches and pastries. We were all so scared.

this is halloween

As for me, I decided to dress up as Bambi, in loving memory of my deceased favorite snapchat filter. My cutie pie was a cute Harry Potter all of two minutes before deciding it was too hot to commit to a costume.

this is halloween

My totes adorbs little string skulls

this is halloween

this is halloween


this is halloween

Hi, I’m a deer !

Talk to you soon guys ! ????


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