Some Netflix And A Lot of Chill

There’s two unfinished travel articles on my drafts and a whole bunch of unwritten recipes in there too, but I’m deciding to ignore all of that and come to you today with another TV show list cause if there’s one thing I do best it’s procrastination.

And if you know one other thing about me is that I’m a stressed out anxious (my cortisol levels must be off the roof) teendult – did I coin the therm ? gotta check urbandictionary  – who cannot and will not deal with drama. Casa del Papel can be the best thing since sliced bread but I ain’t watching it. Give me all the lighthearted shows with lots of self deprecation, great amounts of sarcasm, excellent soundtrack and your girl is game.

some netflix and a lot of chill


some netflix and a lot of chill

I loved this tv show. Eight episodes of it. It very poignantly describe the life of Sam, a 18 year old on the autism spectrum, who’s been on the quest of finding a girlfriend. Something his mom has all the trouble in the world dealing with. Watching it unravel I was like « but why must she be so overprotective?! », and then I had to check myself because I’m not in her shoes and I can’t possibly fathom what it is like for her. The best character for me is very obviously Sam’s little sister, because she’s the only one who doesn’t really care if he’s different than her, she treats him and teases him like she would if he weren’t autistic. She also gives him the hardest of time, doesn’t shy away from calling him an idiot, and is overly protective of him in a different way her mother is. When I first saw her yelling at him I got kinda scared (you know, as people watching fictional characters fight on TV can get), but Sam is written in a way that he takes anything he’s told completely literally. So when Cassey’s angry with him or just plain frustrated, he knows that it doesn’t have anything to do with his condition, it’s always about what he did, and not who he is. The second best character is Sam’s best friend, who isn’t coddling and expects Sam to date girls the same way he would. Which is hilarious to watch because Zahid the clear geek thinks of himself as the latest playboy in town, which… kinda works ? I don’t know, this show’s atypical.

You Me Her

some netflix and a lot of chill

You me her is about Jack and Emma Trakarsky, a married couple from Portland approaching their 40’s and struggling to have kids. Their life is as monotonous as a suburban household can get, and following the advice of his older brother, Jack decides to call Izzy, escort by night and sociology student by day, to spice things up a bit in his couple. He soon realizes that it’s not for him and decides to cancel on his date.. that’s already knocking on his hotel room door. Ensues embarrassed laughter that then results in giggly kisses and a confession ten minutes later to his wife. That gets way too invested in knowing anything about the girl. I can’t make fun of her because I would do the exact same if I were in her shoes, knowing every little detail of what happened, except I wouldn’t set up a date with Izzy the next date and then make out with her. Yeah that’s what happened, and that’s when you know the show isn’t going where you thought it was going. Except if you’re unlike me and you’re a normal person who reads up about something before watching it. I’m not, I consider everything a spoiler. I don’t read synopses and resumes. You can tell me the character’s last name and I would totally hold it against you forever. I’m not being dramatic (well okay I would forgive you for the character’s last name) but I just really hate to know anything beforehand, I very much enjoy the element of surprise. And surprised I was. Because whaaaaat ? So don’t ask how it went just know that after harping on about their feelings for Izzy and their feelings toward each other, they kinda agreed on dating the girl ? I’m grateful for their neighbors because I need Dave and Carmen’s zingy one liners to feel less alone in my incomprehension of things. The show’s definitely about a polyamorous relationship, which I have nothing against, the only thing’s bothering me is the way Izzy kinda splattered all over their life. If they started out as a throuple (it’s a thing look it up) from the beginning it would’ve been okay, but now things just keep shaking up and I get dizzy. Dizzy with Izzy. Her doe eyed face was cute before but now I just feel like shaking her by the shoulders and telling her to get out of their house. Because yeah, she moved in. You just have to watch it.


some netflix and a lot of chill

Lovesick is a British sitcom with all the great tropes of TV executed in lighthearted humor, wit and charm. Every thing British comedy does best. It begins with Dylan and Luke (two of the three main characters) finding out that Dylan has chlamydia, and therefore needing to inform all his exes about his little inconvenient situation. Every episode is a mix between present day and flashbacks about one of the exes, and we soon figure out that Dylan is desperately in love with Evie, him and Luke’s best friend, who at the end of the first episode, is celebrating her engagement with her fiancé. In the flashbacks we also realize that the three are living together in a charming little flat in Glasgow, and maybe it’s just what I wanted to spend my early twenties doing, but it just speaks to me.  The heartbreak, the unsaid things, the nonsense, the parties and the love. Mostly the love, and they very much all love each other. It’s cute, it’s beautiful, it has amaaazing music. It’s the best thing that I’ve watched this year.

Crazy Ex Girlfriend

some netflix and a lot of chill

I wish I could list all the songs I like in this show but that article will end up just being a youtube playlist. So I’m gonna give you a the following top three :

Very 90’s rock right

Crazy ex girlfriend is about Rebecca Bunch, who moved to West Covina because she briefly met her ex boyfriend – from when she was 16 at camp – in New York. She saw it as a sign that they had to be together and quit her top law firm job, to find one in West Covina which is only two hours from the beach (you’ll know what I’m talking about). The crazy in the title becomes quite clear after what you see her doing, and you soon realize that it’s not used lightly at all – although the show’s very light, I mean, they burst into songs every 10 minutes (granted it’s all probably happening in Rebecca’s imagination but still). Rebecca is unstable, emotionally manipulative, and clearly obsessed. But she’s also very funny and all the characters are extremely well written, just look at Heather and Daryll. Thankfully she ultimately moves on from Josh (who is my least favorite character) after finding solace in Greg. But Greg leaves – probably to go sing in Broadway because have you heard that voice – and she goes back to her little obsession. Once again, thankfully, Cappie cuts his hair, leaves college and becomes Nathaniel Plimpton, rich entitled straight white male that you love to loathe. Then end up just loving because him and Rebecca are just so cute together ! The exclamation point comes from my shipping days, I’m a fangirl at heart what’re you gonna do. I’ve definitely jumped off lots of story arcs but it’s for the sake of not spoiling you. Also getting you to watch the show. It’s really good.


some netflix and a lot of chill

I can’t believe it took me that long to watch Superstore. I missed Dwight K. Schrute in my life, and Dina Fox is just what I needed. Plus it’s nice to see America Ferrera weekly again, although I’m not sure how I feel about her character. Her managing techniques can do with a little dusting off. To be fair she mellowed quite considerably through the seasons, and I can wait to see her FINALLY get together with Jonah. But I have to back up a little bit; Superstore is about a group of big store chain employees and their day to day lives. Kinda like with The Office but with Staples instead of Dunder Mifflin. Mark McKinney as Glenn the general manager of Cloud9 is the best thing since sliced bread, and his voice, face and altogether persona is everything that’s perfect with this show. Also the little sequences between scenes with the customers doing nonsensical things in the store are just unadulterated gold. Granted this one’s not on Netflix, but I just love this show a lot.

So that’s it folks, that’s my 5-TV-shows-to-make-you-laugh list, a lot of you always ask me on Instagram what I am watching at the moment and this it (also only now jumped on the Jane the Virgin wagon – yes I know, I am a hipster that doesn’t wanna watch things when they’re all the hype – but that’s for another article). You can read my previous comedy shows list here and I’m wishing you guys a great weekend full of some Netflix and a lot of chill.


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