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Sara Pastel

There’s a cute little Portuguese sweet store that just opened up a walking distance from my place, called Sara Pastel. The owner is half Portuguese, half Moroccan, and grew up in France. Multicultural women for the win. Sara just came to Morocco to pursue her dreams, open up her store and share her love of Pasteis de Nata, Portugal’s most famous pastry. I was also so happy with the shop interior design, what with the cute little azulejos and the charming background. Absolutely relaxing for a quiet tea time.

Sara Pastel

Having lived in Porto for quite some time, I was never really fond of the overly sweet egg pastry. I may have tasted it once but that was it. And I realize now how that was a mistake because after having tasted Sara’s pasteis, I’m definitely sold on the concept. I tend to judge too quick too fast, and I may have overlooked it because I hadn’t had one that was really good. But the one at Sara’s are just the right amount of sweet, and the perfect amount of crunch.

It also probably has a lot to do with the fact that she offers various flavors of the little pastries. My favorite is obviously the red berries one. Blackberry, blueberry and raspberry.. A woman after my own heart. Put berries on everything and I’m instantly game.

The Pasteis are a flan like custard, on a shell of puff pastry. Not overly buttery, not overly sweet, you don’t even smell the eggs if that’s an issue. I’m really glad I dropped by, I would’ve completely missed out on the drool worthy goodness that her little Pasteis are. Plus we chatted a lot about Portugal and the little cities we liked, and I felt somewhat homesick even though my home is Casablanca. I think somehow I left a teensy tiny part of me in Porto, so it felt good to reminisce with such a nice, open hearted person.

Sara sells regular sized Pasteis as well as mini ones, and the flavors range from plain one, to chocolate, passion fruit, green tea and berries. You can also have bebidas (drinks in Portuguese, I did learn something while I was there okay ?) if you wanna eat your Pasteis on the shop, or you can just have them to go. She advises to preheat your oven and pop in your Pasteis for or a couple of minutes until they’re warm but not too hot.

I reheated mine on the microwave and burned my tongue. Worth it.

Sara Pastel

The decor and me are one

Sara Pastel

In love with the packaging !

Address : 10 Rue Ain Aouda, Triangle d’or (near by Gray Boutique Hotel)

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