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Quick’s New Drive Thru in Marrakech

Quick Drive Thru in Targa

Hi good peeps what’s new ? I’ve been MIA these last few weeks because I was working on the Essaouira Festival, I was in charge of catering (which I loved), and stock (which I loved a lot less).

But back to more interesting things, as you know if you follow me on Instagram and watch my insta stories, I’ve been on a mission to test out every food place in Casablanca. Mostly because I won’t have vacation until September and meanwhile going to the pool and eating out are the best options there is to enjoy summer in the city.

Also watching movies. And tv shows. I just finished up Orange is the new black and I cried like a baby, so I started watching A series of unfortunate events to even things out. We also watched The Tourist and I can’t believe I’ve never seen that movie before. Although I saw the ending coming like the second I laid my eyes on Johnny Deep, which kinda ruined it for me because come on, that was so obvious.

But whatever it is we’re watching, there’s nothing better to kick back after a long day, than laying on your favorite couch, with your favorite food, and enjoy watching a movie with your favorite person (the movie is the only thing that doesn’t have to be your favorite).

When it comes to food we’re open to anything as long as it tastes good. Ordering or going to the drive thru, anything to have food quickly before coming back home and saying hi to your loved one. And by loved one I mean your couch.

And talking about drive thru’s and tasty food that I like, Quick opened its first in Marrakech (I’m kinda salty Casablanca doesn’t have its own but Marrakech is where I grew up so I guess it’s okay, I’m forgiving). It’s the chain’s fourth restaurant in Morocco, and the second in Marrakech.

My favorite thing about the whole ordeal is that they open at 10am everyday and close at 5am, except for Friday and Saturday nights where they close at 6am. They know what the people want : after party juicy burgers. I say that because that’s what I’ve been told, I don’t go to parties, I’m not hip. I’m an old-lady-to-be that wanna have a Junior Giant and chicken dips. Old lady eating kid’s menus. I’m 10% smile and 90% paradox.

So if you want more information about their restaurants here’s their website and their Facebook, and here’s the kind of pictures I post in my insta stories, so you should definitely follow me if you like the feeling of being hungry. Or want sudden cravings for crunchy french fries.

Have a good week end my friends !

quick's new drive thru in marrakech

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