How Much Power Are You Willing To Give Over Your Life?

You can think whenever you’re about to do something and expose yourself to the prying eyes of everyone you know, that you might get called lame or a try hard, by people who are extremely afraid to do it themselves. You’re gonna let someone who’s afraid to jump, and to take action, have control over his own life and desires, stop you with your dreams ? How much power can you give someone over you ? That’s the question you ought to ask yourself. How much importance can I give to someone who’s not really that necessary to my life and my happiness ? To what extent can I let their fears, control what I do ?

If you want to say something and you’re afraid to voice your opinion, or share your work, or ask people for help, do it. Do it anyway, do it, it doesn’t matter if someone shuts you down or think of you as a loser. Only a loser can think that way of someone who’s trying their best. Someone who wins at life will value what you do, they’ll ll recognize the grind, they’ll see how much effort and how much courage it took you to put yourself out there. Not many can, but too many critic. And if you spend your time listening to the latter you’re gonna waste a huge amount of your life not doing what you like, fearing that some random person will think you’re uncool.

When you think of it that way it becomes aggressively obvious that you’ve been holding out on yourself, on what you’re able to do, solely because of what others may or may not think.

Erase everyone from the planet, you’re the only one out here, do you think you’ll care if you take on a new challenge ? Say what you want ? Start a business ? No. You will absolutely not care because you’ll have zero percent things to lose. You’ll be ultimately free. That’s what you need to do. Live your life as if you were the only one in it, you’ll watch how much will change, as soon as you stop caring of the image you give off to other people.

It’s really hard to do so I’m not saying, especially if you spent your entire life complying to what people may think, but think of it this way; you only get this one chance at life. There’s no rewind, once you’re on your dead bed there’s no restart button, you often say to yourself : « later », as if there’s another lifetime ahead of you, for you to try out things, and jump head first into something you like but are so afraid to take on. No, there’s not another try for you, once your life’s over, it’s really over. If you don’t try now you won’t get a chance later, there’s no later. No one is waiting, not opportunities, no meet ups, no nothing.

If you’re afraid your partner may dislike what you’re about to engage in, won’t support you, do you think that’s the right person to have beside you ? If your friends don’t support you, do you think they’re really your friends? If people constantly bash you or say negative stuff about you, what are you doing still talking to them? I’m not talking about family because in that case, it’s hard to distance yourself from a parent or a sibling being hurtful, especially if you see them everyday, but you can learn to spend time away doing what you want, and zoning out when they’re talking to you. Because you can’t change people, that’s the number one lesson anyone should learn in their lives. You only have power over one person; yourself.

And once you get that required self confidence, that drive to win no matter what, to be doing exactly what you want no matter how many people say no, trust me that you’ll find it in yourself to stand up to your bullies. It seems so foreign but you have to believe you can, because if I can do it, so can you. If I can stand up to defend myself, if I can cut ties with negative people, if I can break up with a toxic person, so can you. If people you admire can achieve their dreams, be goal driven, so can you. Don’t be a victim of your life, don’t give people power over you. You’re worth so much more than that.

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