Oatmeal & Berry Porridge

porridge with oatmeal topped with raspberries and honey

Breakfast is my favorite meal, I can Leslie Knope my way through life by eating waffles and having breakfast food at every meal. Since it’s not really doable because I live with people who have sane eating habits, I try to change up a bit every morning to really enjoy my breakfast and cook colorful me

als that’ll make me happy. Yesterday I tried making porridge and it was A1.

Really easy and simple recipe, what you’ll need is :

Ingredients :

  • Oatmeal
  • Milk
  • Raspberries (or any toppings you’d like)
  • Honey

Recipe : 

  • Pour your oatmeal in a pot with some milk (the milk needs to cover your oats), and let it cook for about 5 to 10 minutes (depending on your stove and how hot it likes to be).
  • You can add more milk as you go depending on whether you’ll like your oats to be completely gooey or still a bit firm (I like mine better holding it together, that’s my control freak side)
  • Once it’s cooked, pour your mixture in a bowl, top with raspberries and drizzle some honey on your preparation.
  • Finished !

A quick recipe for a healthy and filling breakfast, hope you’ll like it <3

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