Nespresso Recyling – A New Life For Your Capsules

Nespresso Recycling is an operation by the brand to give a second life to used Capsules and pods. We were given a presentation on the how-to of the recycling process, and got to know the partnerships made with Moroccan associations as well as International ressources protection brands. The event was held at the Sens restaurant, in the 27th floor of the Kenzi Tower. Needless to say that the food was great, the view breathtaking, and the coffee not in need of introducing. The only thing missing was probably George Clooney.

nespresso recycling


After the COP22 event held last year in Marrakech, it was clear for Nespresso that it was time to introduce their recycling process in Morocco. Effective this month, you can find little recycling bags at your Nespresso stores in Casablanca, Fez, Rabat & Tangier. Instead of throwing them out like you used to, you can fill up the bags and drop them off at your next run to the store.

Homes still don’t have the right garbage disposals yet. I don’t think it’s such a hassle to separate waste if you have the right bins in front of your eyes. And I think it’s pretty neat from Nespresso to have made this such a simple process. I did ask people around me if they would use the bags and the answers were pretty much the same. It’s easy so why not ?

The brand have a partnership with Suez , who’s in charge of separating the aluminum from the grounds, to give them both a new purpose. In Morocco, the grounds are collected by the association « Terre et Humanisme » who uses it as agricultural compost. The aluminum is reused and come back in the form of other everyday object such as : bicycles, Swiss army knifes, peelers, ladders, window frames or watch cases. I don’t know if those things are for sale or just in the Nespresso offices somewhere. I’ve only seen the swiss army knife in real life and I can tell you, it’s a thing of beauty.

nespresso recycling

nespresso recycling

The buffet at The Sens

nespresso recycling

Taking picture of all the food yet not having any

Anyway guys, drink coffee, make lattes, call me if you’re preparing a caramel machiatto, and have a good day <3 !

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