Little Rustic Reims

I understood by now why fall is my favorite season, one it has a very romantic setting, what with the brown and colorful leaves, two, it’s still warm but not suffocating anymore, and three how do you think two reasons are not enough ? Anyway last year I was visiting one of my best friends who lives in Reims for a few days, and I was very happy to see fall in all its splendor.

Since I couldn’t take a plane directly from Porto to Reims, I stopped in Paris, and spent an amazing afternoon with my friends who were wonderful enough to come meet me at the same time, before I needed to take my train to Reims. My friends, although very amazing, have a weird sense of priorities since they’re living so far away from me. I guess Paris wins. Paris 1 – Me 0.

Strolling down the Parisian metro with a stolen bag.

Anyway, after buying a brand new pink phone – that fell and broke twice ever since – and hanging out at a Starbucks with them at the train station, where they kept pestering me about keeping my stuff close to me (remember the guy last time in Amsterdam? ), as if they never lived in Casablanca before, I said goodbye and hoped on the train and arrived in this cute little city, where my cute little friend was waiting for me.

We stopped by for pizza at Dolce Pizza, the best in town according to my friend (that has since shut down, so questions questions), and walked home. It was freezing cold, as it is in Northern France, but I managed to stay alive during the ten minutes it took to finally come home.

Since my friend had class, I strolled around the city center the next day and absolutely fell in awe when I saw the colors. True fall as I don’t get to experience a lot. And since the city’s very close to Belgium, there were waffle stands everywhere, you can understand how excited I got. Yet this time I went with Churros, equally delicious. I ended up at « Les Hautes Promenades », where I got so very lovesick, and terribly in need of my boyfriend at the time. There was only a couple days separating us, but seeing landscapes like these, I needed him to be standing right beside me.

But I got over myself and carried on with my trip. We had hot chocolate at an Irish pub, mouthwatering bagels at a cute place in town, celebrated my friend’s birthday, had amazing breakfasts with a lot of interesting people, and most of all, heart to heart conversations in the middle of the night. When I look back at it, it’s amazing to say that you’ve shared so much of yourself in different corners of the world, with the friends you were with at the time. I always think of us as fleeting, everything we do isn’t ever lasting, yet those moments feel suspended in time, little treasures you’ll always going to be fond of.

little rustic reims

little rustic reims

rustic reims



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    i loooove your writing, pictures, colors, spirit and everything about this Blog !

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