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Le Resto by Palmeraie Country Club

Le Resto by Palmeraie Country Club is one of the most decadents restaurants I’ve ever been to in Casablanca. The architecture for one is everything I love; a mix of marble, hardwood and velvet, suspended lighting, a fireplace, in a word : incredible coziness. And this is something I yearn for in every place I go to, a sense of home. Not into impersonal decoration and stiff furniture, I like to be cocooned, like the only thing I’d need more would be a blanket and a cup of tea. And this exactly this kind of place.

le resto by palmeraie country club

Nested inside Casa Green Golf Club, the Palmeraie country club is a resort that revolves around making you feel good. Swimming pools, spa, crossfit, squash, tennis, golf (obviously), dancing class.. all kind of sports and services that allow people who live there to access everything they need without having to go downtown. Which is a luxury to be honest, people are running away from the city center because traffic is insane and people are most of the time on the edge. The resort is thought out to be the exact opposite, infinite views on greenery and a sense of time moving at a slow pace. I don’t know if I’m ever gonna be ready to leave my hectic city lifestyle but that wouldn’t be such a bad escape.

Who am I kidding, like if I got offered a house there I would ever say no. Let’s all be real.

marble and wood

Little lounge at the spa

spa palmeraie country club

The spa juice bar, because, why not.

spa palmeraie country club

What I’d do for a little massage right now

Anyway back to the restaurant, I used the word decadent because I have yet to find a place that serves lobster mac&cheese in Casablanca. Lobster. Mac. And. Cheese. Good, now I have stressed it enough.

rosemary berries

The Rosemary’s berries cocktail is to-die-for !

lunch le resto palmeraie country club

See that lobster mac’n’cheese making eyes at me from the opposite side of the table ?

The best starters for me are a tie between the creamy burrata served on a bed of sun gold, black cherry and sweet treat cherry tomatoes – my love for juicy, sweet tomatoes knows no boundaries – and the mussel and cuttlefish macaroni salad with eggplants, tomato and parmesan. Salads are life, I usually can skip right to dessert but in this particular case that would be a shame, because then I’d be missing out on the unholy shrimp stuffed cabbage. Oh my god, oh my god. So so good. I’m having withdrawals just writing about it.

burrata and macaroni salad

Two burrata salads because one is obviously never enough

lunch at le resto palmeraie country club

That shrimp filled goodness sitting proudly at the center of the table

The whole menu is a dream though, the second time I went there was for double date night, and I can’t even begin to tell you how the guys felt about sharing that 1 pound beef prime rib. They were like little kids offered birthday gifts twice from everyone. I love how they thought they could demolish it though, that was precious. But when it came down to it their poor little stomachs couldn’t handle processing all that meat and I was too focused on my shrimp cabbage to help them out. Shrimp versus red meat.. I mean, it’s crystal clear who wins that fight in my heart.

le resto by palmeraie country club

Dessert time rolled out and I guess that’s also the reason why they didn’t finish up their plates, because you always have to leave room for desserts. That’s basic dining out etiquette 101. Or basic sweet tooth 101. But their desserts are something else and after having been there for three times now, I absolutely cannot pick a favorite. Between the hot apple pie with vanilla ice cream, lemon cheesecake, red fruits iced nougat, berry vacherin, ananas carpaccio.. Too much of a vast, delicious choice, and too little room to be able to enjoy all of them. Every time we’re there we have different ones so we’re able to have some of each, and that’s a right way to go about dessert in my opinion. Always share your dessert, that’s a win win for everyone.

desserts le resto palmeraie country club

So if you’re looking for a little time away from the city, Le resto is a definite good choice for a little escape, to have a nice relaxing moment for yourself and an even better time eating the exquisite menu.

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  • Susanna

    This looks AMAZING. The //FOOD// – your photos are so great, as always! I 100% agree with what you said at the beginning, « Not into impersonal decoration and stiff furniture, I like to be cocooned, like the only thing I’d need more would be a blanket and a cup of tea. » Perfectly said! <3 (also, I'm in love with the new header image, it's beyond cute.)

    mai 31, 2017 at 5:06
    • pancakes

      Thanks Susanna ! I’m always happy to hear you ???? & if you’re ever in casablanca, I’ll take you there ! And isn’t it tho ? I’m completely in love as well, the artist who did it is so talented, I love how it came out ????????

      mai 31, 2017 at 5:09

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