Fudgy Brownie Recipe – Chocolate Decadence

Fudgy brownie recipe for shour anyone ? Ramadan is coming and with it its share of chhiwate and sweet fixes. I’ve tried many brownie recipes over the year, and the easiest most quickest one stays this one. What I like about it is that I usually use whatever amount of dark chocolate I have at the moment. I tried this recipe with 150 grams, 200, sometimes less, sometimes more, and it always works perfectly fine. It always has more fudge the more chocolate you add, but as we say over here « bestest of things are their middle » (approximative translation of an arabic proverb, forgive me for the butchering), so I usually go with 150 grams. Sometimes I splurge. It’s called life I guess.

fudgy brownie recipe

fudgy brownie recipe

fudgy brownie recipe


  • 150 g dark chocolate
  • 100 g butter
  • 2 eggs
  • 100 g sugar
  • A pinch of salt
  • 80 g flour (like with the chocolate, a bit less or a bit more isn’t gonna make any damage)


  • Melt the chocolate in a bain marie along with the butter.
  • Whisk your eggs with the sugar and a pinch of salt until the batter becomes white and smooth.
  • Add the chocolate mixture to your bowl and keep whisking. Lastly add your flour until it’s all incorporated.
  • Butter and flour a rectangular baking pan, your batter needs to spread so you can cut your brownies afterwards in square.
  • Pour the batter inside and spread it with a spatula until it’s all at the same level.
  • Finally put it in a preheated oven at 180°C for 15 to 25 minutes. Yes, ovens are not the same breed. Each one takes its own time. Spoiled things.
  • After your brownie is done baking (you can check with a knife after mid-bake), take it out and let it rest on your counter, before throwing a towel over it, or parchment paper. It’s always gonna get fudgier the longer it rests. It’s even better the next day.

fudgy brownie recipe

A quick note though : if your dark chocolate has less percentage of cocoa, try adding less sugar, if it is 70% or more, you can sweeten it a bit more. It all depends on the ingredients your chocolate has. And unfortunately, it’s hard getting by unsweetened cocoa powder over here, I would’ve otherwise tried the recipe with it, that way I’m sure of the amount of sugar I’m putting in the brownie. Baking is all chemistry folks ! And on that note, happy Ramadan, may you all spend it well surrounded and at peace <3.

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