Frozen Yogurt Blueberry Bites

Frozen yogurt blueberry bites is the fastest and easiest healthy snack for people who wish to be eating healthy (like my husband) and those who just like the taste of berries (like me).
frozen yogurt blueberry bites

My lifelong obsession with berries is one of the healthiest relationship I have in my life, so when my husband asked me to help him look for healthy snacks he can munch on at night, you know my eyes instantly drew to the berry option first shown by Pinterest.

Those are ridiculously easy to make, you basically need two ingredients and that’s it. Berries and yogurt. Greek yogurt, non fat yogurt, extra fat yogurt, the one you like and makes you happy.


  • Pour your yogurt in a bowl and dip your blueberries in it to give them a nice coating.
  • With the help of a fork, gently place your berries in parchment paper (that you previously put on a plate or a rack) and be careful that they don’t touch.
  • Leave them an hour or a little more in the freezer so the yogurt can get nicely frozen before transferring them to a tupperware.
  • Pop again in the freezer and munch on them whenever you want !

frozen yogurt blueberry bites

Nice and easy, and since spring is around the corner (hot days have already started over here), it’s the perfect little snack to fight off high temperatures. Frozen yogurt being one of my faves, this particular snack is gonna be one I make very often.

Till next time guys ! <3

frozen yogurt blueberry bites

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