Cut Yourself Some Slack

Change doesnt happen overnight, you just have to believe it can happen at all.

When I started this blog like two months ago, I was determined to make it a priority. We all need outlets to let go a little, and my cousin happened to post that Shia LaBeouf video and I was like you know what, what the hell.

I dove right in and I started thinking that this time around I wasn’t gonna stop, no matter what happened. I didn’t take into account that my fears were huge. I mean ridiculously huge. They were like lol no, keep feeling insecure that’s how we like you. But that’s not how I like myself so here I am, talking about being afraid and stuff. I know, I like my subjects to be light and easy I’m such a joy honestly.

Take a rope, a pretty long rope. If you start tying it into knots it’s gonna shrink in size. Well this is a metaphor for you and your potential. Your fears are the knot, and everyday you’re not actively trying to fight them you’re allowing more knots to form. Until it becomes a teeny tiny little battered rope that is too torn to even have any kind of form. Until you become so small that you can’t take any kind of step.

The process you wanna take is not « how to get rid of all of my fears and insecurities NOW ». No matter how many 10 bullet points articles you read. The process is acknoweldging you have those fears in the first place, and willing to work on them. It takes a long time because your life is not a tv show and you dont have 22 episodes until you magically work out all the problems you had in the premiere.

It took me years to convince myself that what I truly wanted was to write. And when i was at my lowest point I was actively trying to convince myself that it was not such a big deal, that we just didn’t do everything we wanted in life, I distracted myself by denying myself. I settled. And I was not very happy with whatever it is I was doing.

It is ultimately about choice, and a will to change. If you don’t wanna change anything about your life and convince yourself that you will never actually get what you want, then reading this or any other thing won’t really help much. But if you do, it might take you a long time and you might feel like you’re stagnating, while you’re actually not. You are making incremental changes in your mind, the fact that you have the desire to change your condition no matter how many times your inner voice tries to shut you down is so important.

If you keep having this state of mind, this deep need to improve your condition, trust me, you’re gonna wake up one day and take a leap. Because you planted the seed. Some plants need a month to grow and others take years. Dont ever compare your journey to someone else’s. Dont compare how fast someone is making changes to how slow your pace is. This is not a race. You are not expected to finish number one, you are only obligated to do everything in your power to make YOURSELF happy. You are not here for other people’s happiness, your family’s, your friend’s, and its okay if you just figured that out. At the end, you only got this one life to live, so whether you started working on yourself now, or years ago, or years from now, the important thing is that you start. Is that you want to. Change doesnt happen overnight, you just have to believe it can happen at all.

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