Cheese Platters

If you’re part of my facebook group or watch my instagram stories you know how obsessed I am with cheese platters. They’re quick to make, scrumptious to eat, and convey a spirit of conviviality that I’m very fond of.

cheese platters

I wasn’t always fond of sweet/savory combinations, but as I grew older (I sometimes make it seems like I’m a hundred years old but moving on) I started to like that mix; peaches on a salad, raspberry with gooey cheese.. I still can’t say yes to pineapple on pizza though. I have limits.

Cheese platters are the easiest thing to throw together when you have people over, a quick supermarket run and you’re set. There’s a lot of different takes on how to set up a good platter, but really you do you, I personally always go with the combination : cheese, fruits, jam, something salty (cured meats or pâté), olives and bread or crackers. I throw in a salad for good measure, for the sake of being healthy and whatnot.

There just needs to be a different variety of cheese on your platter, if you put some brie, a camembert and goat brie for instance, it can easily become too heavy. You need to change it up a little and mix in different kinds cause you’re bound to have different kind of cheese eaters at your little shindig.

For this particular summer spread I used :

  • Cheeses : Reblochon, Saint Paulin, Bûchette, Cumin Gouda, Gruyère
  • Something Salty : Duck pâté and anchovies
  • Jam : Homemade raspberry jam
  • Fruits : raspberries, raisins and pineapple
  • Olives & Chips
  • My go to salad : lettuce, cherry tomatoes, tuna, corn, green olives with an olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper dressing.

Having your friends over doesn’t mean you have to cook a crazy huge fest, you’re just supposed to chill and enjoy your time with them, and not spend half of it in the kitchen. And there is not the perfect type of spread, I find myself putting different things on my platter depending on my mood and what I fancy at the time. It’s really nice when you’re the one shopping for food, everyone eats what you like. Hahahaha.

Bye everyone, till next time !

cheese platters



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