Cheese, Charcuterie & Fruits Boards

Cheese, charcuterie and fruits boards make the ultimate party treat. Last Sunday my dad celebrated his 60th birthday; and since he’s a real fan of cheese, I decided to make him my best creation to date. To me it’s really about that, letting my creativity flow with an array of melting cheeses and sugary fruits. Add in the best charcuterie in town and you’ve got yourself a colorful taste bud explosion. Or at least I think so, by the time I arrived in front of the buffet the whole thing vanished. Cheeses that I spent so much time on choosing gone in a second. Two whole hours of my life grocery shopping disappearing in two minutes. Comforting yet sad.

cheese charcuterie fruits board

Cheese platters (or Halloween themed ones) are what dreams are made of.  If you’re part of Recettes sans prise de tête you already know the drill. I feel like it’s kind of a light dinner; I mean light compared to what we’re culturally used to eat : tons of meat. And there was that at the buffet, Moroccan tanjia and roasted chicken, but I was in charge of the salads, cheese boards and birthday cakes. The things your girl’s about.

So we had a planning for our morning grocery shopping, first stop : Amsellem. The renowned local shop that sells kosher charcuterie and meat. My parents and their parents used to shop there, it’s still the same store it’s always been, and the prices never went up. I did my little usual selection, and picked up some spiced olives and tasty chorizo.

cheese charcuterie fruits boards

Olive bread, salami, smoked chicken and cumin gouda.

After that we went to the Maarif market where my husband reminded me that I wasn’t here to take pictures. I don’t think he’s ever met me. Shopped for romaine, colored cherry tomatoes, baby spinach, avocados and blackberries for my salad, and went on to my favorite shop of all.

cheese, charcuterie & fruits boards

cheese, charcuterie & fruits boards

The cheese shop ! Creamy, melty cheese that was just waiting for me to be picked up. I usually go for soft cheeses, I like a firm crust and a gooey inside, and I also went for some blue cheese because for whatever reason my dad is fond of it. My selection pleased the owner so much he offered us a whole fresh camembert he’d just received from France. He says buyers go more for hard cheeses, but whatever it is I was so glad I received something rewarding my taste. That’s like the one thing you never get rewarded for. Who cares if I like soft cheeses ? Apparently this nice old man does.
cheese charcuterie fruits boards cheese charcuterie fruits boards cheese charcuterie fruits boards

When I came home, I threw in some green & red grapes, salty crackers, fresh berries and some cheese spread (I used Tartare ail & fines herbes), and voilà ! You’ve got yourself the perfect cheese board. Easy to make and so refreshing to eat.

Till next time guys <3 !

cheese charcuterie fruits board

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