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  • no butter no egg chocolate chip cookie

    No Butter No Egg Chocolate Chip Cookies

    No butter no egg chocolate chip cookies are a really great substitute for people who don’t like or can’t eat butter or eggs. The olive oil in these chocolate chips…

    / janvier 18, 2018
  • choumicha

    Let’s Make Dinner with Choumicha !

    Choumicha, Morocco’s sweetheart chef made dinner for us yesterday at the Santé Plus Magazine quarters. Their cooking workshop is still a thing of beauty, the table setting was once again…

    Events, Recipes
    / décembre 1, 2017
  • msemmen

    Msemmen With Peppers & Cheese

    Msemmen is an institution by itself in our country 😀 You can find it at every other street shop, along with harcha, sfenj, baghrir… All traditional kind of breakfast food that…

    / novembre 28, 2017
  • cooking class with aicha lahlou

    Cooking Class with Aicha Lahlou & Fandy

    Yesterday’s cooking class with Aicha Lahlou at Santé + Magazine was a real treat. Renowned pastry chef at F.Kabbaj, her soft demeanor and simplicity made the whole learning experience enjoyable and really…

    Events, Recipes
    / novembre 24, 2017
  • soy chicken with mushrooms and rice

    Soy Chicken with Mushrooms and Rice

    Yesterday’s dinner was made in less than thirty minutes and was extremely bomb. Coming home I had a sudden urge for rice and chicken and I knew I wanted some…

    / novembre 10, 2017

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