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  • french toast with brioche

    French Toast with Brioche, Cream & Berries

    French toast with brioche is the ultimate kind of indulgence. I like french toast and I like brioche, but these two combined are on a completely other level of scrumptious dessert. The…

    / mars 14, 2018
  • frozen yogurt blueberry bites

    Frozen Yogurt Blueberry Bites

    Frozen yogurt blueberry bites is the fastest and easiest healthy snack for people who wish to be eating healthy (like my husband) and those who just like the taste of…

    / mars 11, 2018
  • easy recipes with tuc crackers

    Easy Recipes with Tuc Crackers

    Making appetizers with crackers is the embodiment of lazy people who still want to feel like eating something fancy. Little amuse bouches that don’t need puff pastry or any other elaborate base,…

    Events, Recipes
    / mars 2, 2018
  • Black Forest Berries Birthday Cake

    Black Forest Berries Birthday Cake Extravaganza ! Last week my husband celebrated his birthday and I’ve been digging all over Pinterest to find the perfect black forest cake to make him….

    / février 11, 2018

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