Best plans for a stay in Palma de Mallorca

Sun, sea & farniente. The best plans for a stay in Palma de Mallorca. Gorgeous, beautiful Mallorca, what with its turquoise Calas, and its slow hazy pace.  Coming up with a new travel post (it’s been a long time I know), destination : Las Islas Baleares !

palma de mallorca

We went there just after our wedding and we couldn’t have dreamed of a better place. It was an obvious choice for us to stay in Palma, the capital, so we could go to whatever beach we wanted, and try a different one every day. We kinda sorta fell in love with Illetes along the way and it became our little spot. Even if we went to other places to try them out, we felt drawn to come back to that little piece of heaven. We like our rituals. My eyes and my mind will always remember the beauty of that secluded spot.

That’s what’s nice about Mallorca, you feel like you’ve discovered a secret place every time you stumble upon a new Cala or a beautiful beach. Granted, Magaluf is not your private paradise. It’s still a paradise, but you share it with lots of other people, that are mostly there for the parties at night and the boozy boat day trips.

But the island is full of beaches, more or less discovered. The point is, anyone can have their own kind of vacation in Mallorca. Whether you stay in Palma; and that’s what I would personally recommend, and soak up in this little historic town, with its beautiful cobblestone streets and cute little shops. The cafés in Plaza Espanya, and the hidden little Churros spots in the old town. Or choose to go party in Magaluf, Palmanova and other seaside resorts, or even try out the golf clubs with their private hotels, everyone can have their favorite type of holidays.

best plans for a stay in Palma de Mallorca

best plans for a stay in Palma de Mallorca

Hottie Spotted

I like taking pictures of places I didn’t even buy something from

I did buy sunglasses from here though


street mallorca


best plans for a stay in Palma de Mallorca

Plaça Espanya in all its glory

tabacos mallorca

We went completely on a whim having only booked our plane tickets and absolutely nothing else. We were planning for the wedding and furnishing our place at the same time, so thinking about planning a honeymoon went completely over our heads. I knew I just wanted a place where there’d be white sand beaches and warm translucent water.  So after my friend’s recommandation, we chose Palma and went there, Mimo & Sooka : the two little explorers. Of course after arriving on a Friday afternoon, all the hotels in town were obviously booked, and the airbnb’s that I’ve found the days before completely out of town. And if I like something when I’m traveling, is to be completely in the city center.

After having bought a sim card at the airport, I started looking for Airbnbs again, if by any chance in the world I’d find something new. Thankfully, and by some sort of miracle, we found Nico’s place, he just put his listing back up and I messaged him right away. He was extremely kind and helpful, and even offered to come pick us up. Like, do you realize. I’m moroccan I know what being hospitable means, but that’s not even hospitality that’s just being a god sent angel. Turns out his place was enough to welcome 6 to 7 people, but it was right in town and that’s what we were looking for. Plus we used the remaining rooms as our dressings so, no complaints whatsoever.

After getting settled and sleeping our layover away, we were finally ready to go and get tanned. First destination Magaluf. Even if we’re not crazy party animals we still like to have fun. I sound like a middle aged mother of three but that’s okay, I’ve come to terms with my lifestyle.


RIP my favorite snapchat filter – Magaluf 2k16


Nikki Beach Magaluf

Cute finds in beach shops – Palmanova

There’s different shuttles that you can take from Plaça Espanya to go to the different Calas and beaches, going from 6 to 15€ a trip depending on your destination, but you can also rent a car and do the whole island, go to Pollença up north, or Cala d’Or that is not that far from Palma. But if you don’t wanna bother with a car, the shuttles are perfectly fine.

We also had a little grocery store just downstairs from our place, run by a Moroccan guy who told us about Ses Illetes. Or Illetas. Truth is I still understand how that place is called but I don’t really care, it’s GOR-GEOUS. We went there and we fell in love and now we’re waiting till we get to come back. The thing is, there’s so many other countries around the world I can’t just come back to a place I’ve seen before, yet I fell in love with so many places over the years and do you understand my dilemma ?

palma de mallorca


sky palma de mallorca


palma de mallorca illetas

palma de mallorca

ses illetes

My little merman

palma de mallorca


Anyhow, apart from the truly beautiful calas there is to see, the city of Palma is a sight in itself. There’s a little market at night right next to the Cathedral along the port, the Santa Catalina Mercat where we liked to wander during the mornings and I wanted to buy half the wooden plates,  Plaça de Cort in the old town where we found a Real Madrid store and I saw my husband transform into a five year old. Very much to do in the city, so for those who like to explore and still enjoy lounging around at the beach, Palma is the place to be in Mallorca.

plaça de cort

Plaça de Cort

palma de mallorca

palma de mallorca

pizzeria palma de mallorca

palma de mallorca

My cutie !

palma de mallorca

palma de mallorca

plaça de cort

palma de mallorca

You know the kind of shops that’s totally instagrammable ?

best plans for a stay in Palma de Mallorca

This is one of them

best plans for a stay in Palma de Mallorca

We enjoyed walking everywhere around town when we weren’t heading to the calas. One we were living in very central area, two, whatever route we decided to take was a new discovery. I wasn’t going to pass on autumn in a city full of green when I crave it so much back home.

Also when you’re staying 10 days somewhere, you start developing habits. My husband stumbled upon a vegan ice cream parlor that he absolutely adored, not that he’s particularly vegan or a hipster wannabe (he’s everything but), I think he mostly just liked the colors. I on the other hand, as a hipster wannabe, never missed a shot to take pictures of the place. We also enjoyed having churros with hot chocolate at Churreria la Rosaleda for breakfast. As well as having dinner on the many lovely terraces next to our place in Carrer de la Fabrica. We also found a sunglasses shop called Les Cousines near Plaça Espanya that we loved so much we came back and finally ended up with 7 new pair of sunnies. It’s okay they had a deal. Or something.

Stecco Natura – Carrer Des Olms


Churreria Rosaleda

Terraces on terraces


Loveat – An organic restaurant in Carrer de la Fabrica

Dionisos Greek Restaurant

New shades & much kisses – Plaça Espanya

That’s the end of my holiday trip review in Palma, if I missed something or you have any questions feel free to ask me anything. Until next destination, happy travels !

*This article has been featured in « Le guide des voyageurs marocain »


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  • sliimaa_y

    I enjoyed every single world and every peaceful place just through your article. I felt like I was there(in a parallel universe). Thanks for sharing cutie pie ????????

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