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My Favorite Breakfast in Casablanca

Breakfast is my favorite meal, waffles my favorite breakfast food (Leslie Knope and I are twins). But I also love me some typical moroccan breakfast; eggs and khlii, freshly squeezed orange juice, mint tea, warm homemade bread, olives and cottage cheese. And I’m gonna tell you where in my opinion, is the best breakfast in Casablanca. A subject very dear to my heart.

I’ve tried many breakfasts in Casablanca; there’s a lot of offers, various choices : complete brunches, vegan breakfasts, moroccan or french breakfasts.. as I said, a lot. And before we got married my husband and I loved having breakfast dates – we still do – and our favorite spot was « Autour d’un café » (I can’t tell you how many misunderstandings happened when we would tell our friends to join us autour d’un café, most were like « okay but where? »). Funny owners.

Autour d’un café is a coffee place that also has various meal options on top of the usual café things. I personally love the decor and the staff, a relaxed place where you just go and chill, perfect for work or just lazing around playing cards with your friends. Which we do as soon as summertime peeks around the corner.

The breakfasts vary between 30 and 55 dhs, and their moroccan bread is something else. I’m not really a bread type of person – my mom usually brings hers whenever she comes to my house, which, what? – but it’s fluffy and warm and grilled just the right amount of soft and crispy. The khlii in my eggs, which is a traditionally made beef jerky, is not super oily which is fine by me, because I’m very particular about my eggs. I can’t have them over easy, they need to be well cooked (or overcooked according to people I know that are way too regarding of what I do in my opinion). And I just love their tapenade, I told you I’m a fan.

But I’m having serious breakfast withdrawals right now so I’m gonna leave you with the pictures and you can find me there every other Sunday morning.





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