Berry Jam : Quick and Delicious recipe

It’s berry season ! They’re everywhere; strawberries raspberries blueberries, and it’s making me extremely happy. You can find them in local markets, or from the street vendors wandering around town, and they can make your desserts or breakfast food instantly sweeter; raspberry jam also gets along particularly well with cheese (I’m daydreaming about a cheese platter right now).

You don’t need to let your berries simmer overnight to make jam, or some overcomplicated process, what you’ll need is simply :

  • A cup of berries, you can mix them to have a red fruits combo or you can just have separate jams
  • A little bit of water
  • Lime juice (or not if your berries are sour enough)
  • Some sugar or honey

Recipe :

  • Pour the berries in a pot with some water, lime juice and a dash of sugar (to your taste), or honey if you wanna keep things organic.
  • Let it simmer over light fire and stir from time to time, you don’t need to harshly crush the berries since they’re going to dissolve by themselves once it starts boiling.
  • You’re gonna know it’s done when your mixture thickens and starts to stick to your fork.

Easy as it gets, it takes five minutes maybe even less to have a fresh berry jam, that you can add to your pancakes, porridge, or have it sit in your cheese platter; which is my favorite thing to make because you can put literally anything on your table and have it come together beautifully around your cheese. It’s coming clear that I’m obsessed.

Oatmeal porridge with blueberry fresh jam

Pancakes with blueberry jam and a side of whipped cream

Pancakes with blueberry goodness and a side of whipped cream

Cheese platters are a quick alternative for dinner and perfect for having your friends around


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