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  • You’re Going To Be Fine

    This week our national high school students will take their baccalaureate exams and it’s freaking them out. I know because I live with one of them and he is a…

    / juin 7, 2015
  • Recipe for a cherry and oreo cream cake

    Cherry Oreo & Cream Cake

    I decided to make this cake yesterday since I didn’t go to see Usher because my best friend hates me. But that’s not important. What is, is this truly decadent cake that has…

    / juin 5, 2015
  • I Feel Bad That I Feel Bad

    Well hello there depressing blog title. Let’s just get to it. You feel bad that you’re feeling bad because there are people out there who have it way worse. You’re right,…

    / juin 4, 2015
  • What The Actual Fuck Am I Doing

    This goes out to all my fellow lost 20 somethings. I once posted a quote on Facebook that said « Most people die at 25 and aren’t buried until they’re 75 »,…

    / juin 2, 2015
  • Quick and easy pancakes recipe

    Quick & Easy Pancakes Recipe

    Yesterday I made pancakes and I just remembered it’s basically my blog title and I haven’t made a post about it yet shame on me. So here’s a quick and…

    / mai 20, 2015

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