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Since we were planning to go to the beach today, and it literally rained on our parade, I decided to cure my wanderlust by staying in and looking at pictures of my last trips to London. While simultaneously watching Orange is the new black. I’ve been known to multitask. And while looking at the pictures I decided to make a little list about my favorite places to visit, so without further ado, I give you London.

eclectic london

1 – Covent Garden

To me Covent Garden is a magical place. From the amazing street performances to the endless little shops scattered around, I always feel like entering an ethereal little sphere. Always decorated in season, and always with vibrant colors, Covent Garden is always the most enchanting sight.

eclectic london


Godiva Strawberries


2 – Greenwich Village

Greenwich has this timeless feel to it, everything moves so peacefully. I just love wandering around the streets, the university is gorgeous and you have an amazing view of the Thames river at night.

eclectic london

Greenwhich University


Beautiful Thames at sunset

eclectic london


3 – Hyde Park

It’s not just Hyde Park, it’s ALL the parks. St James, Regent’s, Green Park… This city is so green it’s the first thing I noticed when I was first went there. Leslie Knope doesn’t just love London for no reason. But if you happen to be there around Christmas time, Hyde park holds Winter Wonderland, which is a spectacular festival straight out of a disney movie.










4 – Camden Town

For the emo, hipster, grunge, hardcore, punk, flower punks of you out there. Camden Town is indescribable.







5 – Brick Lane Market

My favorite market in London. That is not to say I went to all of them but it’s the one I liked the most. Maybe. Don’t ask me to choose between stuff I love everything I’m a very positive person. But Brick Lane is full of vintage little coffee shops and if you know one thing about me is that I love vintage little coffee shops.


6 – Nothing Hill

The colourful houses of Nothing Hill are such a sight. Quaint and trendy, the market in Portobello Road held in saturdays has the best antique and vintage shops. Great street food that you can eat in front of a live band by the end of the road.

7 – Picadilly Circus, Leicester Square & Soho

(Just for the record this isn’t a list going from the place I like the most to the one I like the least because I literally can’t choose what my favorite place in London is). If you’re a tourist you can’t miss these places. Also you definitely shouldn’t because street awesomeness.

The list is actually never ending so I’ll stop here and leave you with some pictures, tell me if I should post more. Have a lovely night !

eclectic london

eclectic london


eclectic london

Oxford Street


eclectic london

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