To All My Snowflakes Out There

    You know, us hypersensitive people. The ones like me, who started muting every story and every post on Instagram that was talking about that disease. Because the sheer thought of reading about it made you enter a state of irrational fear and panic. The ones who avoid news like the plague. The ones who can’t deal with sadness. Or seeing people hurt. The ones who don’t know how to deal with losing control. The ones we say to “you gotta toughen up”. I’m talking to those ones : you do you. You cope however you can, and if by that it means completely avoiding any source of news, you do that. I uninstalled my Facebook app. I only see a couple of people’s stories on my Instagram. It’s the first time in more than 8 years that my Instagram has shown me this :

    It’s okay to say to your family groups to only share positive things. And if they can’t or wouldn’t like to stop, it’s okay to leave said groups and kindly ask them to add you once you feel like it. I’ve been dealing with heightened anxiety since summer last year, and gotten back to my therapy sessions in January. Needless to say I wasn’t exactly in the right state of mind to deal with such an outbreak. But I’m choosing to stay home and stay away. Stay away from any negative thinking because what it does to us little snowflakes is devastating. It’s debilitating. I have been having panic attacks frequently these past couple of weeks. My husband and my mom are usually here to calm me down, bless their hearts. But it’s not enough anymore. I have to calm myself down by myself. And I have succeeded these past few times. And I would like to keep succeeding. So I will focus on me, on trying to have a positive energy, on baking again for me and not for my job, of enjoying the little pleasures. And I believe there’s enough outlets out there for everyone to get their informations, this place is simply not one of them. This here is just a safe haven, like it’s always been ????

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