YoMA Coffee Kitchen

    My favorite breakfast place in Casablanca just got a major revamp ! Autour d’un café became YoMA Coffee Kitchen and made his grand re-opening yesterday. New walls, new library, new…

    Going Out, Lifestyle
    / novembre 12, 2017
  • soy chicken with mushrooms and rice

    Soy Chicken with Mushrooms and Rice

    Yesterday’s dinner was made in less than thirty minutes and was extremely bomb. Coming home I had a sudden urge for rice and chicken and I knew I wanted some…

    / novembre 10, 2017
  • apple pie with lattice crust

    Apple Pie with Lattice Crust

    Apple pie is my favorite type of pie. I don’t care whether it’s a crispy crumble, baked gooey goodness, a sugary Tatin or the one at McDonald’s, they’re all a1…

    / novembre 9, 2017
  • liège waffles

    Liège Waffles

    Liège waffles are number one on the food chain that is breakfast food. They’re my favorite type of waffle, because they’re different from your typical one, texture and taste wise….

    / novembre 6, 2017
  • cheese charcuterie fruits board

    Cheese, Charcuterie & Fruits Boards

    Cheese, charcuterie and fruits boards make the ultimate party treat. Last Sunday my dad celebrated his 60th birthday; and since he’s a real fan of cheese, I decided to make him…

    / novembre 1, 2017