• porridge with oatmeal topped with raspberries and honey

    Oatmeal & Berry Porridge

    Breakfast is my favorite meal, I can Leslie Knope my way through life by eating waffles and having breakfast food at every meal. Since it’s not really doable because I…

    / mars 14, 2017
  • Little Rustic Reims

    I understood by now why fall is my favorite season, one it has a very romantic setting, what with the brown and colorful leaves, two, it’s still warm but not…

    / mars 9, 2017
  • fajitas for tonight

    Fajitas !

    This is my go to recipe when I have people over, because it’s so easy to make and people feel cared for when you put a lot of colorful plates…

    / mars 3, 2017