• rich dripping hot brown caramel

    Homemade Caramel Sauce

    When you’re craving caramel but don’t have the energy to go outside and buy some, you learn how to make your own. Granted you’ll need the ingredients, but what’s some…

    / avril 3, 2017
  • Berry Jam : Quick and Delicious recipe

    It’s berry season ! They’re everywhere; strawberries raspberries blueberries, and it’s making me extremely happy. You can find them in local markets, or from the street vendors wandering around town, and they can…

    / mars 24, 2017
  • mental illnesses

    Mental Illnesses Are Not A Joke

    There’s this debate going on (once again) about a morning news show in one of our local channels. This time around it’s about the fact that while talking about what…

    / mars 14, 2017