• super easy chocolate chip cookies

    Super Easy Chocolate Chip Cookies

    It’s super easy chocolate chip cookies time ! It’s my go to recipe if I have impromptu guests and wanna whip up something fast but extremely yum. Once you get the…

    / juin 17, 2015
  • eclectic london

    13 Chester Street

    Since we were planning to go to the beach today, and it literally rained on our parade, I decided to cure my wanderlust by staying in and looking at pictures…

    / juin 13, 2015
  • Why Should You Care ?

    If someone mocks you for your involvement, for your taste, for the fact that you get super excited about meaningless stuff, for your overjoyed enthusiasm, for laughing out loud at…

    / juin 10, 2015
  • You’re Going To Be Fine

    This week our national high school students will take their baccalaureate exams and it’s freaking them out. I know because I live with one of them and he is a…

    / juin 7, 2015
  • Recipe for a cherry and oreo cream cake

    Cherry Oreo & Cream Cake

    I decided to make this cake yesterday since I didn’t go to see Usher because my best friend hates me. But that’s not important. What is, is this truly decadent cake that has…

    / juin 5, 2015