• Be Your Own Savior

    I don’t understand how kids go to school and learn about all types of different things, and yet don’t have classes that concern THEM. They learn about physics, mathematics, history…

    / avril 19, 2016
  • Are you ready ?

    We all have dreams that we want to accomplish, goals, something that we care about and want to realize. And some people seem to have it all under control, you…

    / février 19, 2016
  • Valentine

    If you told me years ago that I would care about Valentine’s day, I would have laughed at your face and probably been like bitch where? How will my wrinkled…

    / février 10, 2016
  • Oporto

    I moved to Porto two months ago and after a hectic first month of trying to find a place and settling down, this city now feels like home. It has…

    / décembre 1, 2015
  • Cut Yourself Some Slack

    Change doesnt happen overnight, you just have to believe it can happen at all. When I started this blog like two months ago, I was determined to make it a…

    / août 12, 2015