• Saturday Night Hot Cocoa

    It’s cold and you want hot cocoa but don’t feel like getting up and going outside to have some, no big deal, it’s the easiest thing to make ! Ingredients…

    / janvier 15, 2017
  • dark chocolate and raspberry pizookie

    Dark Chocolate & Raspberry Pizookie

    Who doesn’t love chewy cookies ? This recipe is a luxurious treat for anyone with a sweet tooth and a fondness for raspberries. It’s best served hot for the chocolate…

    / janvier 9, 2017
  • How To Life 

    I always thought I was gonna be a journalist. I always loved to write, I was always writing every one else’s papers in class, it was my pleasure to do…

    / décembre 22, 2016
  • Vegan Noodles Recipe

    I come to you today with one of my favorite recipes this fall; vegan noodles. Since we moved in, we decided to cut out on meat (especially red), and cook…

    / octobre 20, 2016
  • Body Positivity

    Body positivity is not a trend. It’s not something people want to shove down your throat. It’s just about being fucking time that we stop having one model of people…

    / octobre 1, 2016