• Colorful & Tasty Salad

    Over the years my taste seems to have changed, for instance I was never into zucchini, pepper, avocado.. anything green really. I don’t know when or how exactly this has changed…

    / février 15, 2017
  • My Teenage Valentine

    There’s a real issue I’ve been dealing with inside my own head concerning my relationship. Okay a little background is necessary; I’ve always been emo. That’s like, a fact. I was…

    / février 14, 2017
  • Week End Getaway To Sunny Barcelona

    It took me forever to write this article, not because I didn’t like the city, but because I felt like it was supposed to go a certain way. A travel…

    / janvier 17, 2017
  • I Was Much More Interesting at 17

    Or eighteen. Maybe even in my early twenties, doesn’t really matter, it’s a fact. But when I say was interesting, I don’t mean that I turned completely dull and lifeless….

    / janvier 15, 2017
  • Saturday Night Hot Cocoa

    It’s cold and you want hot cocoa but don’t feel like getting up and going outside to have some, no big deal, it’s the easiest thing to make ! Ingredients…

    / janvier 15, 2017