• fajitas for tonight

    Fajitas !

    This is my go to recipe when I have people over, because it’s so easy to make, light, and people feel cared for when you put a lot of colorful…

    / mars 3, 2017
  • Wandering in Amsterdam

    Wandering in Amsterdam

    That’s what I basically did. For three days straight. I always longed to go to Amsterdam only to stroll around town and see the canals and beautiful houses and the…

    / mars 1, 2017
  • Change your narrative 

    The power of words has no limits. The words we say to ourselves, the words you say to other people, they have value, meaning, and hold so much power. You…

    / février 28, 2017
  • Create Your Beliefs

    I’ve been getting back on studying these past couple of weeks, because there needs to be only one winner, and I can’t let a dumb PhD be the one. I’m…

    / février 27, 2017