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  • Little Rustic Reims

    I understood by now why fall is my favorite season, one it has a very romantic setting, what with the brown and colorful leaves, two, it’s still warm but not…

    / mars 9, 2017
  • wandering in amsterdam

    Wandering in Amsterdam

    That’s what I basically did. For three days straight. I always longed to go to Amsterdam only to stroll around town and see the canals and beautiful houses and the…

    / mars 1, 2017
  • Week End Getaway To Sunny Barcelona

    It took me forever to write this article, not because I didn’t like the city, but because I felt like it was supposed to go a certain way. A travel…

    / janvier 17, 2017
  • Oporto

    I moved to Porto two months ago and after a hectic first month of trying to find a place and settling down, this city now feels like home. It has…

    / décembre 1, 2015