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  • Chronicles Of A Depressed Person

    As someone who likes to write, you’re alwyays torn between wanting to say too much and not wanting to say anything at all. You don’t wanna give out every aspect…

    / avril 20, 2016
  • Be Your Own Savior

    I don’t understand how kids go to school and learn about all types of different things, and yet don’t have classes that concern THEM. They learn about physics, mathematics, history…

    / avril 19, 2016
  • Are you ready ?

    We all have dreams that we want to accomplish, goals, something that we care about and want to realize. And some people seem to have it all under control, you…

    / février 19, 2016
  • Valentine

    If you told me years ago that I would care about Valentine’s day, I would have laughed at your face and probably been like bitch where? How will my wrinkled…

    / février 10, 2016
  • Cut Yourself Some Slack

    Change doesnt happen overnight, you just have to believe it can happen at all. When I started this blog like two months ago, I was determined to make it a…

    / août 12, 2015