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  • How To Life 

    I always thought I was gonna be a journalist. I always loved to write, I was always writing every one else’s papers in class, it was my pleasure to do…

    / décembre 22, 2016
  • Body Positivity

    Body positivity is not a trend. It’s not something people want to shove down your throat. It’s just about being fucking time that we stop having one model of people…

    / octobre 1, 2016
  • Toxic Relationships

    Who hasn’t been victim of horrible boyfriends? I for one was dating this truly awful human being, because I was feeling not so great about myself. We all do this…

    / septembre 24, 2016
  • Girls Just Wanna Be Left Alone

    I read in a magazine once that in order to pamper his ego, a woman is not to brag about her job if she makes more than her companion. I…

    / mai 3, 2016
  • Chronicles Of A Depressed Person

    As someone who likes to write, you’re alwyays torn between wanting to say too much and not wanting to say anything at all. You don’t wanna give out every aspect…

    / avril 20, 2016