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  • Change your narrative 

    The power of words has no limits. The words we say to ourselves, the words you say to other people, they have value, meaning, and hold so much power. You…

    / février 28, 2017
  • Create Your Beliefs

    I’ve been getting back on studying these past couple of weeks, because there needs to be only one winner, and I can’t let a dumb PhD be the one. I’m…

    / février 27, 2017
  • My Teenage Valentine

    There’s a real issue I’ve been dealing with inside my own head concerning my relationship. Okay a little background is necessary; I’ve always been emo. That’s like, a fact. I was…

    / février 14, 2017
  • I Was Much More Interesting at 17

    Or eighteen. Maybe even in my early twenties, doesn’t really matter, it’s a fact. But when I say was interesting, I don’t mean that I turned completely dull and lifeless….

    / janvier 15, 2017