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  • Colorful & Tasty Salad

    Over the years my taste seems to have changed, for instance I was never into zucchini, pepper, avocado.. anything green really. I don’t know when or how exactly this has changed…

    / février 15, 2017
  • Saturday Night Hot Cocoa

    It’s cold and you want hot cocoa but don’t feel like getting up and going outside to have some, no big deal, it’s the easiest thing to make ! Ingredients…

    / janvier 15, 2017
  • Quick and Easy giant cookie recipe

    Dark Chocolate & Raspberry Pizookie

    Who doesn’t love chewy cookies ? This recipe is a luxurious treat for anyone with a sweet tooth and a fondness for raspberries. It’s best served hot for the chocolate…

    / janvier 9, 2017
  • Vegan Noodles Recipe

    I come to you today with one of my favorite recipes this fall; vegan noodles. Since we moved in, we decided to cut out on meat (especially red), and cook…

    / octobre 20, 2016
  • Gooey Warm Belgian Waffles

    Wafflez Wafflez

    It was about time I post about waffles because honestly. My quest for the perfect waffle recipe is never ending. I knew that the waffles I had around here weren’t…

    / septembre 27, 2016