Soukaina Ibenrissoul, a 27 year old Moroccan blogger from Casablanca, that has a visceral need for the world to be a better place. After an exchange program as a sorry excuse for a PhD student in Porto, I managed to pay rent, feed myself and travel (often) back home and other places on a tight budget. My motto is that you can make the most out of very little. Since I was already living by myself and not having a lot of encounters with many people – being a PhD student gets very lonely – I figure I might as well travel by myself. Something I enjoy and recommend, a lot of soul searching can happen while away, and a lot of realization that we as human beings, are the most unnecessary things to the planet. It can definitely live without us, so when you get rid of the crippling fears and suffocating anxiety, you start to enjoy life as it’s supposed to be. A nice fleeting moment.



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    nice!! looking forward to read more!

    juin 2, 2015 at 5:08
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