Going Out

    Sara Pastel

    There’s a cute little Portuguese sweet store that just opened up a walking distance from my place, called Sara Pastel. The owner is half Portuguese, half Moroccan, and grew up in France. Multicultural women for the win. Sara just came to Morocco to pursue her dreams, open up her store and share her love of Pasteis de Nata, Portugal’s most famous pastry. I was also so happy with the shop interior design, what with the cute little azulejos and the charming background. Absolutely relaxing for a quiet tea time.

    Sara Pastel

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  • nachos con queso y pico de gallo

    Nachos con Queso y Pico de Gallo

    I’m obsessed with Mexican food, and there are few nice places in town that I love, but I’m sometimes a lazy butt and don’t wanna get out of my place….

    / septembre 6, 2017
  • cheese platter

    Cheese Platters

    If you’re part of my facebook group or watch my instagram stories you know how obsessed I am with cheese platters. They’re quick to make, scrumptious to eat, and convey a spirit of…

    / septembre 4, 2017
  • palma de mallorca

    Best plans for a stay in Palma de Mallorca

    Sun, sea & farniente. The best plans for a stay in Palma de Mallorca. Gorgeous, beautiful Mallorca, what with its turquoise Calas, and its slow hazy pace.  Coming up with a…

    / août 30, 2017
  • give your mind a break

    Give Your Mind A Break

    It’s been a long time since I wrote something personal, not that I lacked motivation or didn’t have things to say ; I always have stuff to say (too much according…

    / août 27, 2017